Friday, January 11, 2013

Work and Play

Tutor Melba, Tchr Nilda, Sir Andal, Ma'm
Veron and Ma'm Lucille

Ma'm Veron inspects the Carbonera for Thanksgiving
Friends from Jesus Is Lord Church, Nov. Celebration
Much of the month of November was spent anxiously awaiting word about approval of our application for a large grant from a generous organization in the US - after months of writing, re-writing, editing, fine tuning, revising our very lengthy proposal.....ta....dah!!! We were approved for our project "Linking Tradition with 21st Century Literacy Skills" - more to come later, right now- what happened in Nov. while waiting, in Dec. while there was no school for two weeks....Please forgive the format of this blog today, pictures seem to pop up where they want to in no organized order......November brought a very emotional Veteran's Day celebration in the American Cemetery in Manila, I received an embossed invitation from the USEmbassy, I was impressed.....then this wonderful spirit filled church I have been attending celebrated it's 20th Anniversary....people are great and they preach the truth...a breath of fresh air...Then American Thanksgiving, my counterpart Veron surprised me with a home made dinner, very exciting, Tuna Carbonera, we held hands and went around the circle to say what we were thankful for. Next blog post....Volunteer Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years.....

Veteran's Day in American Cemetery Manila

SC Seal in American Cemetery Manila

American Cemetery in Manila
20th Anniversary of Jesus Is Lord ChurchAfter celebrating Veteran's Day and the 20th Anniversary, then came American Thanksgiving 

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