Friday, January 11, 2013

Teaching and Playing

A large group of volunteers trekked to Sagada, Philippines - up in the mountains of Luzon Island- for a traditional American Thanksgiving....a long trek for me, van then bus to Manila then bus to Bagio then bus to Sagada....yes very long...we all cooked different things, it was wonderful, a bonfire and seeing Lucy gut and cook the chickens in spite of being disappointed that no one would sell us their pet turkeys.....Yes, teaching and reading still goes on, my favorite book is Big, Bigger, Biggest which I dramatize to the max.....Christmas parties at school (and yes, once again 35 videoke machines blew out the electric at school....) faculty party then off to the most peaceful place I have visited- Bali, a subject for an entire post, then off to Palawan with other volunteers, yet another post....We work HARD and we PLAY hard, something I heard about volunteers before joining PC but now I totally understand it....TBC
Internet having problems.....after 1 hour of trying to upload photos, I quit for the day....To Be Continued...

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