Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Random reasons why I enjoy my service in the Peace Corps

the boys and the spiders
  1.  FYI - it took me TWO days to load this blog, I am NOT exaggerating,  I don't have fast or reliable internet, so please appreciate even if the photos and entries are out of order, I am just glad it actually publishes....eventually
  2. Young boys who have spiders as pets, they carry them in little match boxes. They take them out and let them fight each other on sticks….Never heard of this before coming here, what happened to Legos?? Look at the expression on that boy’s face! I mentioned the spider fighting to a teacher and all I got was, it was a form of animal cruelty and another said to report them because they may be betting money on who is winning….?**!!!! Do boys in the US fight spiders?
  1. The shoes – 4 inch platforms in the FRONT!! OMG the shoes here are to die for! (and I probably would if I walked in them…)

THE shoes

The TV station tree
Sepak Takraw
Just another day in the Philippines
  1. Christmas starts in Sept. – it’s a “ber” month….the flashier the better!
  2. Sepak Takraw- a very unique National sport, a combo between soccer and volleyball, only for boys though  
  3. flat tires, just another day for texting and wiping sweat
  4. pigs – every house (almost) has at least one , they make cool snorting sounds….
  5. floooood and waves at the breakwater in Manilla, yet life goes on
  6. live 3 hour tv shows w incredible talent
  7. what makes it all worthwhile…reading!! This class was NOT well behaved earlier but when I pulled out the story books, you could hear a pin drop! Look at the intensity of their faces, even the very naughty boys were in the back READING!!
For those of you who have donated books, thank you so much! For those of you looking for a Christmas project, why not consider sending us inexpensive paperback easy to read storybooks?? I can send address if interested.

Guess who?

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Engaged with books!