Monday, July 9, 2012

Random mini-updates

Amy and gang from Ibaan in the studio

Amy and Ma'am Patena
In my last entry I briefly mentioned the It's Showtime live TV experience. Here are a few photos, I still feel like a celebrity of sorts. June is back to school month and so we all have been very busy. Our school is writing a proposal to create a Bahay Kubo Reading center, Mini-Library and renovate the health clinic. The health clinic has basically had no funding for years and the roof leaks badly. The old library was condemned in 2005 and so children have no access to story or reference books. Our plan is to renovate the old clinic building, revive a clean functioning clinic room, establish a functioning mini-library and complete the traditional Bahay Kubo Nipa Hut where children will want to go and read. We also have included an leadership and volunteer component that will use gr. 6 pupils and parents. We have been blessed with book donations from friends in S.C., Books for Asia, Scarsdale NY Women's club and a huge shipment from Books for Peace. Here are a few photos of the before:
Bahay Kubo Nipa Hut under large Mango Tree

building to be renovated

available bed for sick pupils!!

Yes, this is the health clinic!!!

Future Mini-Library and Clinic

Pupils looking at some donated books

This is everything that is available for the health clinic room!
I titled the above short video "Oops, Amy accidentally let the kids inside the temporary mini-library" - they went wild!!! It was precious really, I just sat back and observed a group of children who were truly starved for books, I took out my camera and just seized the moment.
Another exciting thing was the graduation of the E-Learning computer based training course in English Proficiency - 27 teachers from our school and about 120  from other schools completed an 80 hour course over the summer. The culminating event - graduation - included competitions among the teachers to show off their English skills. Filipino are masters at memorizing long pieces and reciting them aloud, I honestly could not do this. Here is my counterpart Veron in action, she got first place!!

 The Filipinos are so very creative and talented, everyone seems to be able to sing and dance. Here a few photos of our teachers in action practicing their improved English skills....
Singing in the rain, Mia is front and center

What about Sir Larry in the back?? I am afraid he stole the show with his Waka-Waka performance


We have added a new gr. 2 teacher and are expecting two more because our enrollment has increased. Rainy season has begun and I welcome the cooler (relatively speaking) weather. Avocados are being harvested!!! More later....