Saturday, February 5, 2011


It has been over 56 days since my first and only post (whose counting.?...) and I have become a bonafide PC applicant journal junkie. Yes, I switch from PC wiki to PCFV facebook to PC yahoo and back to PC journals. Thanks to all who have shared up to date info, it does help with RAS. I also have called and emailed the placement office after reading that all programs were full through March. I also received the "please be patient and flexible.." answer. So, I read books about PC, read all of the blogs, learn about countries I never heard of before, take my second Spanish course (just in case...) continue to make regular donations to Goodwill, let the gray in my hair grow out (no 6 week root touch ups in PC), strengthen my quads at step class (in case of future squatting over a pit), avoid the question "So when are you leaving and where are you going?" and watch the clock tick-tock as I practice patience and flexibility for the future.