Friday, May 3, 2013

Fast Forward to Today

Okay so I finally get time to update my blog and the keyboard in the internet cafe sucks....argh!!
Every thing we do in PC seems to just be longer, harder and more difficult...getting to an internet cafe to use a computer and internet is an adventure in itself. Oh well, here I am. My personal computer is dead and so now I must rely on others.
I had intended to write about my visit in Bali with the famous Ketut of Eat,Pray, Love fame but I can't find the photos....maybe on the dead computer.
After my amazing journey in Bali I went to the island of Palawan in the Pines. If you saw the last Bourne film, the ending scene where they sail off into the sunset was filmed there.
Anyway, seems like so long ago. Here are some interesting photos to give you a glimpse.
Some big 'ol starfish there!

And seriously big clams!

The water was really that color

Looking west towards mainland Asia

Since this is fast forward just know it was gorgeous.
So what did I do all of Jan, Feb. and March? Our school got grant funds to build a library and reading center and yes, we were very busy!! I learned a lot about project management, how things work (and don't work) in the Philippines and about myself. We managed to transform an old dilapidated building into a library and created a cute traditional reading center next to it.
Before - back of building

Old Bahay Kubo

Before - Front view

Before - Inside

Before- left side

Before - Right side

I share these with you and want to you look hard at how awful things looked. You will truly appreciate the transformation that we accomplished.
AFTER - back

AFTER- Our new Bahay Kubo Reading Center

AFTER - new roof, new paint!!!

AFTER - left, door goes to health clinic side

AFTER- Right side of building

So yes, it was truly a transformation! My hands hurt from literally banging on this keyboard, so until next time when we explore the interior!

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