Friday, February 1, 2013

Bali part 3

Here are a lot of photos for the next day
Ubud's famous artwork

Famous stonework

Home of silversmith where I took a class

Beginning of my creation

Hammering my design

Welding my ring closed

The silversmith washing my ring

My finished product

view from my Ubud hotel room

My bed

Kecak Fire and trance dance

Walking on hot coals

Typical offering

ducks in the rice fields outside my room

And last but not least the monkeys and my visit to Ketut, another blog....

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  1. Amy, it looks like you have had such a wonderful experience. The photos are wonderful!Peggy and I tried a whole afternoon to figure out how to post on this site. I finally did it using LiveJournal. You are going to have such a fascinating story when you get back to the states. Raining here and COLD. Bet you are warm and cozy:)